termorace integral

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Top range version
The only tire warmer in the market with the sophisticated electronic system based on the TR.PCS principle

  • The heating part is made of a carbon resistance covered with a thermo conductive silicon
  • Big choice of colours and possibility of applying your logo.
  • The material in contact with the tire is anti-adherent, anti-cut anti-abrasion tire.
  • The excellent caulking reduces the heating time.
  • Thanks to an ergonomic display set on the tyrewarmer's fly the TR.PCS is easy to use. Each tyrewarmer informs you about the temperature and pressure of the heated tire.
  • It's possible to set the tire pressure and the heating temperature (60C-150C)
  • Realized with fireproof materials.

Sizes and available colours

Sizes Front Back
GP 125 S M
GP 250/ S. Motard M L
MotoGP M 3XL

Black Silver Blue Red Orange Yellow Green