AIM developed a family of products expressely dedicated to car-racing, seeking for innovative solutions to meet drivers' needs: from laptimers to dataloggers, from professional gauges to integrated audio/video recording systems that allow a useful review of performances on TV or PC.
Formula Steering Wheel
The newest AIM Formula steering wheel with integrated dash is a powerful tool specifically designed for Formula and Sport cars.
MXL is the last generation gauge with integrated datalogger that merges an appealing design with AIM experience in the race world.
The datalogger: small, robust and easy to install on any car is an essential help for all drivers, from amateurs to professionals.
A family of compact, reliable, high value-for-money gauges made to satisfy all driver's needs, from amateurs to professionals.
DaVid is the new data/video acquisition system that allows you rewinding your races through an innovative video technology.
GPS Module
Data acquisition enters a new era: position, 3D maps, speed, yaw rate, lateral and linear G-force, automatic lap time and much more in a small, valuable device.
Lambda Controller
Air/Fuel ratio is important: take control of it with LCU-ONE and make your engine run at its best!
Just plug MemoryKey in MXL or EVO3 before test or race run session and you’ll automatically record all data sampled by your logger and immediately download them to a PC.
Data Hub
Data Hub is the new CAN connection multiplier that works as an interface between AIM logger (MXL/EVO3 Pro) and its peripheral equipments.
MyChron Light TG
Your way to the track starts here! MyChron Light is an easy-to-use, performing family of small laptimers and loggers that will lead you to the podium!
Time up to four racers simultaneously with MultiChron!
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